Superior Airflow Efficiency ConfirmedLT45 PDF Tech Specifications

UL Fact Finding Study

Underwritings Laboratories prepared a fact find report which shows, among other findings, that Dryer-Ells are 500% more airflow efficient than sectioned, small radius elbows.

2009 IMC for Dryer VentingComplete, Un-edited Copy of the UL Fact Finding Report

Key Findings
From a volumetric air flowrate standpoint, Underwriters Laboratories' fact finding study shows a dramatic improvement when using the new long-turn dryer venting elbow versus a typical sectioned duct elbow. One of the findings is that it takes six LT90s to affect flowrate as much as a single sectioned elbow does.

Dryer-Ells are 5 Times More Efficient

Sectioned Dryer Elbow Duct-length Equivalency
Further, the study found the actual effect of sectioned dryer elbows is equivalent to 15 feet of straight pipe.
One Sectioned Elbow Equals 15 Feet of Duct

45 and 90 Degree Smooth Elbows
Ten Inch Radius Smooth Interior Dryer Duct Elbows
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