Ten Inch Radius Dryer Elbows
Ten Inch Radius Dryer Elbows

Code Approved - 500% More Airflow Efficient

Install the Dryer-Ell to overcome length of run issues and increase efficiency. Its longer radius and smooth interior reduce friction loss. In fact, UL has proven it to be 500% more airflow efficient than sectioned elbows.
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Dryer-Ell - Ten Inch Radius Smooth Interior Elbows45 Degree ElbowsDryer Venting Code Inspection45 Degree Smooth Elbows Good Inspection with Long Duct RunNinety Degree Long Turn Elbows
Long duct runs that inspectors even like.
Dryer-Ell 90 Degree Dryer ElbowDryer-Ell LT90

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